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aspirin for sunburn

aspirin sunburn aspirin sunburn

Aspirin contains acetic acid that helps with sunburn.  The key is application of acetic acid to sunburned areas.  One way to apply acetic acid is to use vinegar.  Like aspirin, vinegar contains acetic acid.  You can use diluted vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the sunburns.

You can also use crushed aspirin mixed with water.  This will allow you to apply a cream or liquid form of aspirin directly to the sunburn.  The acetic acid can minimize an uncomfortable sunburn.

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acetic acid aspirin for sunburn

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ways to prevent skin cancer

Taking action for long term skin care is one the best ways to prevent skin cancer.  You may have heard of sun tanning and too much UV rays causing skin cancer.  Just reducing your exposure to UV rays by covering up or using sun tan lotion can help prevent melanoma, but did you know that another way to  prevent skin cancer is by eating right and applying health nutrients to the skin.

The main cause of skin cancer is excessive sun exposure. The sun destroys fibers in skin. UV light also causes wrinkles and other visible damage associated with aging.

According to the International Journal of Epidemiology, a good diet with fish, olive oil, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables (a Mediterranean diet) has been found to reduce the risk of melanoma by as much as 50% (IJE).

Results After careful control for several sun exposure and pigmentary characteristics, we found a protective effect for weekly consumption of fish (OR, 0.65, 95%CI = 0.43–0.97), shellfish (OR, 0.53, 95%CI = 0.31–0.89), fish rich in n-3 fatty acids (OR, 0.52, 95%CI = 0.34–0.78), daily tea drinking (OR, 0.42, 95%CI, 0.18–0.95; Ptrend = 0.025) and high consumption of vegetables (OR, 0.50, 95%CI = 0.31–0.80, Ptrend = 0.005) in particular carrots, cruciferous and leafy vegetables and fruits (OR, 0.54, 95%CI =0.33–0.86, Ptrend = 0.013), in particular citrus fruits. No association was found for alcohol consumption and any other food items.

Conclusion Overall, our findings suggest that some dietary factors present in the Mediterranean diet might protect from cutaneous melanoma.  (IJE)

There are many ways to prevent skin cancer but there are no guarantees. The best way minimize your chances is to take action now and be consistent for the sake of your skins longevity.

If you are concerned about long term skin care then you should really read this research by the International Journal of Epidemiology, “A Protective Effect of the Mediterranean Diet for Cutaneous Melanoma”.

Skin melanoma has been one of the most rapidly increasing cancers in Caucasian populations over the past several decades.1 Ultraviolet (UV) exposure is widely accepted as having a predominant role in the genesis of skin melanoma, however, there are others little explored factors such as diet, which could act as promoters or inhibitors of melanoma initiation and/or promotion.2–3 There is also a striking variation in the cutaneous melanoma risk according to geographic location. For example the United States (20 cases per 100 000 inhabitants) and Australia (50 cases per 100 000 inhabitants) have the highest reported incidence rates, while in Europe the highest rates are found in Scandinavia (about 9–22 cases per 100 000 inhabitants) and the lowest in Mediterranean countries (about 3–11 cases per 100 000 inhabitants).1 This variation could be explained by differences in latitude, altitude, pigmentation of the population,3 sun exposure behaviour2 and by other factors such as different dietary patterns.


June 3, 2008.  International Journal of Epidemiology. “A Protective Effect of the Mediterranean Diet for Cutaneous Melanoma”.

skin cancer skin cancer prevention way to prevent skin cancer ways to prevent skin cancer

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sunburn and vinegar

Sunburns and vinegar cancel each other out like fire and water.  Not only is it a disinfectant, but vinegar can also promote healing by balancing the pH of sunburned skin.  It decreases the likelihood of a blister forming.  Vinegar contains acetic acid which is on the main ingredients in medications such as Aspirin.

Applying vinegar to the sunburn

sunburn vinegar sunburn vinegar

There are few ways that you can apply the vinegar to the sunburned area.

1.  Use cotton Balls – douse cotton balls into vinegar and dab the vinegar on the affected area.  You can also just soak some paper towels in the vinegar and dab the area.

2.  Mix vinegar in a bath – Pour 2 cups of vinegar into a cool bath.  Soak in the tub for 10 – 15 minutes.

3. Put in a spray bottle – mix water into a spray bottle 1/2 vinegar/water and apply be spraying the affected areas.


acetic acid sunburn and vinegar

Me: finally my face is clearing up

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Dear followers who suffer from acne as I do,
Lemon juice. That’s right my babies, lemon juice. Just rub that shit all over the affected area before bed and then wash it off in the morning. Your skin will clear so fuckin’ fast. Forreal. Within like a week you’ll be like “damn, my skin lookin’ hella fine.” And your skin will be lookin’ hella fine.
You’re welcome.

I think this remedy will work if the type of skin is not sentitive